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Welcome to life insurance blog. We bring to you useful, interesting and inspirational news, stories and articles on regular basis. We want you to understand life insurance with a new perspective and insight. The idea is to discuss everything you can imagine about life insurance. The articles in this insurance blog will not only help people understand life insurance in a better way but also a guide to people associated with insurance selling. Bookmark this page so that you keep checking for new stories!

Is Selling Life Insurance the BEST Career Option? Life insurance sales jobs or opportunities as business associates are abundant and easy to find. More over, commission percentages are very high as compared to other insurance sales, like health insurance. Life insurance agents get paid commission renewals for as long as a sold policy is in force. This creates a passive income stream. Read more

Are you a manager or a leader? In simple words, a leader make their followers to believe in their vision and feel motivated to follow towards their vision of success, while on the other hand managers hve more of administrative capabilities through which they gets day-to-day things done. Therefore, it must be understood that there are significant difference between managing and leading people! Read more

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