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Are you a manager or a leader?

Difference between a leader and the manager

Many people have this mis-notion that a manager automatically becomes a leader. This is not true. There is difference between a leader and the manager and this difference is that the manager have (or make) people to work for them while a leader has people to follow them. Another school of thought says that in businesses, the ideal person needs to be both a leader and manager so that they not only bring the team on board but also follow them towards their vision of success.

In simple words, a leader make their followers to believe in their vision and feel motivated to follow towards their vision of success, while on the other hand managers hve more of administrative capabilities through which they gets day-to-day things done. Therefore, it must be understood that there are significant difference between managing and leading people!

A strong leader should be honest and followers believe in his vision and integrity. He also have this ability to inspire his team or followers and at the same time courage to challange the status quo, think outside the box and do things differently. Another important skills a leader has to communicate clearly and effectively so that his/her points are well-understood.

A good manager has this ability to execute the vision by breaking ideas into a roadmap so that it is easier for team members to follow. A manager is also responsible to establish work rules, proceesses and manage (participate if required) operating procedures. He is capable of anticipating needs/situation while directing the day to day working and also review resources required. A strong manager also has this task to keep his team focussed so that goals are achieved. He is also required to listen to his people, look after them and keep things going! An article published in highlights following most important differences that set leaders apart:

  • Leaders create a vision, managers create goals
  • Leaders are change agents, managers maintain the status quo
  • Leaders are original, managers copy
  • Leaders take risks, managers control risk
  • Leaders are in it for the long haul, managers think short-term
  • Leaders grow personally, managers rely on existing, proven skills
  • Leaders build relationships, managers build systems and processes
  • Leaders trains, managers direct
  • Leaders create followers, managers have employees
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