Why Choose Sales as a Career?

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Why Choose Sales as a Career?

Why should you choose sales as a career? For those who know little about the sales, it’s a logical question. But who has worked as a sales perso in various postions or who is aware of with the insides of the industry understands that there’s no shortage of benefits to choosing a career in sales. A career path in sales can actually lead to a promising future. Here are few benefits of chosing sales as a career:

Make more money
Sales is the most important activity of any business house and companies actually need to make sales to survive (and grow), therefore, they reward successful sales people highly so that they feel motivated and the same time stay with the company. In fact, a person in sales is certain to make more money that in administrative or technical jobs. People who chose sales as their career knew this fact.

Higher chances of getting promoted to top rank
If you do a little research, you will find that most of the chief executives and senior managers started their career as sales person. You will also learn that very few technical people get promoted to the top postions. The fact is that a sales person, no matter what position he holds in the company, spends a lot of time in selling: selling ideas to the customers, suppliers and even people within the company where he works like bosses, colleagues and juniors.

You can control your growth & how much you earn
Having spent few months or years in sales, one can control his own time and manage appointments himself. Most of the sales job also comes with the performance based incentives or commissions on sales. This way, a sales person knows that harder he works or more sales he generated would add to his earnings.

Job security
A successful sales person would never get "not or no longer needed " type of vibes from the bosses or company. Also, successful people are always being noticed and wooed by other companies in the market. It’s relatively easy to get a new job and a successful sales person can not remain 'unemployed' for a longer period of time.

Useful to people
As a sales person you not only become useful for yourself but also to others in a direct or indirect ways. sales is all about relationships with your customers. During and even after the process of a sale you actually help other people achieve their goals, and solve their needs by introducing company’s products or services. A career in sales can provide you with a financial safety net, job security, social satisfaction and opportunities for upward mobility.

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