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Become Business Associate

Become business associate of a top Insurance Company. Start your insurance agency! Recruit & Develop Insurance advisors & leaders in your team and independently develop your own agency and run it like a business. How successful your insurance agency becomes is only half about your ability to sell insurance. The trick to run a successful insurance agency is to combine your insurance expertise with your business skills.

As a Insurance agency entrepreneur you have tremendous scope to grow and best part of this is that you need almost no investment. In fact Insurance company invest in your enterprise. You can expand too without limits which means from a city to state to even whole of the country with your team of Insurance advisors and leaders. Business Associates could grow as big as agency of small insurance companies. Here are the benefits:

  • Build Your Own Team
  • Recruit and develop Insurance Advisors to your team
  • Develop leaders in your team
  • Use Company’s Infrastructure
  • Professional Training
  • Build Royalty Income
  • Build a Legacy
  • Unbelievable Payouts & Contests

With the help and guidance of Godbless Consultancy Services, you can start with a solid foundation. We with the help of top insurance company provide you with assistance on how to start and develop agency. Our vision is to guide entrepreneurs to enjoy life’s journey with peace of mind - and to always do what’s right. As a business associate, you’ll own and grow a business that focuses on our your idea of success. You’ll share the vision of Insurance company you represent.

You’ll earn attractive new-business and renewal commission, complemented by bonus programs that match your needs at all stages of your agency’s development. The more you invest in your success, the more you could earn.