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How can you become financially independent?

Once you have enough for your emergency fund, you must start investing ...

You must have heard this story of the ant and the grasshopper in which a grasshopper, during the summer, was enjoying life singing and dancing around in the meadows while an ant was busy carrying and moving large chunks of food inside his house. The grasshopper asked the ant to enjoy the sunny day with him, but the ant refused and reasoned that he must prepare for the bleak winter.

And, when the winter arrived, the grasshopper struggled to find food for himself, but there was nothing available out there. He then started wandering the meadows requesting others to lend him some food. That is when he came to the house of the ant and was surprised to see the ant has a house fully stocked with food. The ant understood the grasshopper situation and helped him by sharing his food with the grasshopper and this kind act of ant eventually saved the grasshopper.

The moral of the story is that one must be proactive instead of being reactive to the situation around them. It also teaches that during our "sunshine" days, we must not forget to save for the "winters". This means that money is not only a medium of exchange used to instantly gratify your own desires and by carefully planning the same money can be used to create the "reserves" for retirement and wealth creation. The story also teaches us to be kind and help people during their difficult times.

If you want to become financially independent like the ant, you must learn that to keep yourself well-fed and cosy during the tough times, you must have an emergency fund and a regular investing (saving) habit. Once you have enough for your emergency fund, you must start investing in either savings insurance or other instruments such as equities and debt funds. The investing habit will help you create a massive corpus, setting yourself for retirement. One should also avail life insurance policy to protect the financial future of the family.

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