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5 Tips for How to Sell Life Insurance

Here are few important tips that will help insurance advisors to sell insurance products successfully!

Buying behaviors have changed over the last few years. Internet and mobile phones have changed the way we now buy or sell. The same is changed with insurance selling. Traditional face-to-face meetings, in insurance industry, too have declined. People now have started buying insurance online or interact more to their insurance advisor over telephone. However, in our opinion, the role of an insurance advisor shall always be important as learning about various insurance plans and policies become easiar with face-to-face interaction. In India, most of the insurance advisors are like family friends and it is even easy for them to understand clients needs and suggest insurance plans accordingly. Here are few tips to sharpen your insurance selling skill:

Be organized: Never call or visit someone unprepared. If you are talking to your prospect over phone and you initiated the call, then you should have your computer opened and also printed literatures infront of you. In case you are going for a visit, then also carry all details with you. Take notes during and after the call, including any follow-up items you need to complete.

Embrace the role of an advisor: As an insurance advisor, your first and foremost role is to etablish your credibility, authority, and expertise. Your client must feel that more than as an insurance company's agent you are there as their well-wisher. Since buying insurance is an important and big decision, prospect will always want to buy it with someone they feel is a trustworthy expert. To embrace the role of an advisor, you must be able to build rapport, understand a prospect's requirement and suggest the best plan.

Ask questions without offending: Do not fear to ask more questions if required and ask in such a way that prospect must get this feeling that questions are aimed for his benefits. The more questions you ask, the more likely it is that you’ll select an appropriate insurance plan or policy that they’ll actually get approved.

Understand every client has different need: Do not assume that every client is buying insurance for same reason. Before you tell them the cost of premiums or duration, try to figure out what’s important to them.

Handle objections: When you are selling insurance or for that matter anything, objections from prospect is a positive sign. You should listen to objections or questions with a positive approach and friendly body language. If your prospect is raising concerns, it means that he is interested in your product or else why would anyone waste time. The secret to handling objections is to prepare in advance and you must be aware of the most common objections you’ll encounter.

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