A New Smartphone or a Term Insurance Plan?

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A New Smartphone or a Term Insurance Plan?

Investing in your and your family’s financial future is more important than buying a smartphone every year.

"Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like" - Will Rogers

A successful financial goal is one that may be met or achieved through financial planning at any stage of life. Even buying a smartphone requires some financial forethought. Although, smartphones have become necessary for everyone in the modern era. It solves the various problems of people and helps in managing daily tasks, but before you decide to buy a new model - ask yourself:

- if you should buy the phone real quick or wait for a special occasion,

- what phone model is best for you, & how much should you spend on it ?

- and most importantly, is a new smartphone more important than your future goals?

Buying a new smartphone is similar to defining a goal and working towards it. If security and the future of your family is more important, then ask yourself, "How far, ultimately can a smartphone take you ? Especially when it comes to securing your family’s future?" When it comes to choosing between a smartphone and a term insurance policy , the former is frequently the better option!

If you consider how a term policy might help you plan your short and long term financial goals and in securing your family, then you may then want to rethink buying that new smartphone and invest in a Term Insurance policy instead. The next time you want to buy a newly launched phone, think of the ways you could invest that money for achieving your financial goals. You can get a term insurance plan at a fraction of what the best smartphones cost. If you take a term policy in your twenties and thirties, you can get affordable term insurance with premiums that possibly cost less than the smartphone’s EMI payments!

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We are sharing this video from a stalwart of world insurance industry to understand why you need life insurance!

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